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What should I bring to my dress fitting?

What should I bring to my dress fitting?

This saves you the hassle of transporting your dress all over town. Plus, the shop’s alterations specialist will be familiar with your dress designer and in a better position to match whatever work you have done with the look of the original design. This makes using the in-house seamstress a huge asset for achieving your dream look. Before you head out for your fitting appointment, let’s make a list of the items you need to bring to ensure ultimate success.

Share the moment

Bringing your mom or your sister or the maid-of-honor (or all of them) can be a fun and sentimental experience. If you sense that anyone is feeling slighted by not being asked along, kindly explain that space is limited and promise to show them pictures. On the other hand, if you really do want your entire entourage present, check with the bridal salon first to ensure that there is adequate room. Ideally, whoever is going to be responsible for bustling your dress on the big day should be present to learn all the tricks.

Bring your shoes

Whether you will be floating down the aisle in cowboy boots, running shoes, stilettos or flats, your footwear is an integral part of determining your hemline. You need to try your dress on with your shoes so that appropriate measurements can be taken and adjustments can be made. Tripping during your ceremony or at the reception is probably not the kind of memorable moment you are going for. If you do not have your actual shoes in hand, wear a pair that is the same heel height for accurate measuring. Remind your bridesmaids to bring their shoes to their fittings as well.

Lingerie and all foundation garments

Trying on your dress with everything you will be wearing on your big day is essential to securing your seamless silhouette. You want to ensure that all of your alterations fit snugly with your bra, panties, shape-wear, pantyhose etc. Enhance the way your dress fits by choosing the proper foundation garments.

Your bridal consultant will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and possibly make recommendations. Some bridal salons incorporate these essentials into their shops. So, you may have the chance to try on a variety of styles before you purchase to ensure you are getting the right fit and comfort.

Payment for alterations

Your fitting is the time to address any concerns or uncomfortable areas with your dress and accessories. Be sure to bring your wallet so that you can take care of your alterations or purchase any last minute accessories.

Jewelry, headpiece, veil

Bring your veil, headpiece and bridal jewelry with you to try on with your gown. Leaving your wedding accessories until the last minute may cause you to make a hasty decision. This is a chance to photograph yourself head-to-toe ahead of time to determine if you are achieving the style you are striving for.


Since you’re taking all of these pictures, don’t forget the camera. The pics will be good to have for reference material if you need to continue working on your look while the dress is being altered. Add the photos to your wedding scrapbook afterward.

Patience and laughter

Laughter has been proven to be a great stress buster. Have fun at your dress fitting. This is the time to celebrate another milestone. Be patient with your dress consultants, the alterations crew and whoever you brought for moral support. Mostly, be patient with yourself. Focus on the things in the mirror that you love and make a plan to tackle any areas that you wish to improve. Set attainable goals and go with the flow. Your wedding day will be here before you know it. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.