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Wedding dress tips for petite brides

Wedding dress tips for petite brides

Petite brides must ensure that their gown is in proportion with their smaller frame. Tinier statures can often disappear in the wrong clothing styles. Losing oneself in flowing fabric and being unable to accentuate curves is less than ideal. There are some great wedding dress styles that work better on this body type.

The princess bride

A princess silhouette is a popular choice thanks to the often sleeveless bodice and the exaggerated waist line. An A-line gown is another option as it neatly proportions and divides. Choosing a dress that offers a natural waist can be much more flattering in comparison to an empire or drop waist selection as the latter can leave one swimming in fabric and leave proportion undefined.

Less poufy and more pronounced

Imagine a delicate blossom surrounded by layers of greenery. It is hard to see the flower through all of the surrounding details. This is a similar analogy for petite brides. They are defined as being shorter than average and often smaller overall. Trying to wear an elaborate crinoline and a cathedral length train is going to be hard to maneuver and will take away from one’s natural beauty.

Illusion of the long torso

Many dresses are designed to elongate the torso area to create a sweeping silhouette. Try on a variety of dress styles and be open-minded about the consultant’s recommendations if a long and lean appearance is being sought.

Linear thinking

Dress styles purposely play tricks on the eyes in order to showcase certain features while making others fade away. If there are bead details, sequins, pleats or embroidery, consider styles that offer these embellishments vertically as opposed to horizontally. Having the detailed portions feature up and down as opposed to across will be more flattering and help create that elongated element.

Glamorous trumpets

This style can instantly add some va-va-voom to your curves while providing a couple of extra inches in torso length. Try one or two on at the bridal salon even if they are not on your list just for some added perspective.

Easy sheath

Some straight cuts can be flattering and simple on any shape. The neckline has a lot to do with how the overall dress cascades.

Diagonal ruching

Ruching is a magical way for a dress to create a waist where one hardly is or to hide some less than flattering proportions. It can transform your torso and either provide or minimize detailing depending on the dress.

Spaghetti straps

Many bustier or heavier brides do not feel supported enough with delicate spaghetti straps. Petite brides, on the other hand, often love this option as it doesn’t overpower their décolletage or hide the sexy curves of their clavicle. Opting for wider straps can create a negative optical illusion of having larger arms or shoulders than is true. This can make the upper body look out of proportion to a tiny waist. Try on a few different strap styles to see what feels the best and will offer the most support when you are busting a groove on the dance floor.

Strapless and halter styles

Strapless gowns can accentuate and elongate the neck portion in an elegant manner. Halter styles can create a sophisticated look and immediately showcase the proportion divisions for those who wish for more definition. It is best to try a couple of each style of dress on to determine which elements you prefer.

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