Tips for achieving the perfect tuxedo fit

Tips for achieving the perfect tuxedo fit

It’s time to let your inner James Bond come to life. Get ready to learn the basics for achieving a suave and sophisticated tuxedo look for your wedding day. Everyone will be looking at the bride, of course, but they’ll also be sizing up the handsome guy she is committing to. Make sure you look like the perfect match by applying the following tips for fitting your rental tuxedo perfectly.

Various tuxedo styles

There are a variety of cuts and details that make a suit hang perfectly. Know your body type and dress accordingly. If you have a broad chest and large arms, your jacket needs to accommodate you comfortably. If you possess a sleeker build, you don’t want to be swimming in excess material like a boy playing dress-up in dad’s clothes.

Traditional fit tux

This type of suit consists of a classic and fuller look. It is best to try on a variety of jackets to see what you and your fiance prefer.

Modern fit tux

This style features a shorter jacket, a slimmer lapel and it is more fitted through the body. This is considered to be a fashion forward choice that provides a sleek silhouette.

Slim Fit Tux

This style has the shortest jacket and slimmest lapels. It is narrow on the body, even more than a modern cut.


Your hem

Ideally, your pants should settle across the top of your laces when standing.

Your jacket

Regardless of which style you choose, the vent should not pull open when you move your arms. If it does, this means your jacket is a tad too tight. Use three-way mirrors or get your groomsmen to snap some front and back pictures for you to get an accurate view.

Your collar

You want the collar to lay flat on the sides and back of the neck. Bulges, bunches or gaps means the size is incorrect. Comfort is key. Decide if you will be unbuttoning your shirt late into the night or find an option that you can wear formally for the evening.

Your sleeves

Jacket sleeves are to be hemmed at your wrist bone to enable a half inch of your shirt to be visible. This will also let you show off your awesome customized cufflinks.

Your pants

If a slimming look appeals to you, avoid pleated pants. Flat-front pants are the way to go to avoid excess material around your middle.

Your shoulders

You want your jacket to give your shoulders a perfect hug. If the shoulder pads extend past your deltoids, your jacket is too large.

Your socks

Showcase your fun side and consider wearing some flashy socks with your tux. This can be reserved for just you or all the guys in your party can join in.

Having some idea of how you want to be immortalized in your wedding pictures may help you with the decision-making process. Bring some of your guy friends to your fitting so you can get some honest opinions and helpful feedback as you try on various looks. If you need to sleep on it prior to making a decision, it’s ok.

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