Wedding dress tips for petite brides

Petite brides must ensure that their gown is in proportion with their smaller frame. Tinier statures can often disappear in the ...
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Tips for achieving the perfect tuxedo fit

It’s time to let your inner James Bond come to life. Get ready to learn the basics for achieving a ...
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What should I bring to my dress fitting?

This saves you the hassle of transporting your dress all over town. Plus, the shop’s alterations specialist will be familiar ...
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Wedding dress tips for petite brides

Petite brides must ensure that their gown is in proportion with their smaller frame. Tinier statures can often disappear in the wrong clothing styles. Losing oneself in flowing fabric and being unable to accentuate curves is less than ideal. There are some great wedding dress styles that work better on this body type.

The princess bride

A princess silhouette is a popular choice thanks to the often sleeveless bodice and the exaggerated waist line. An A-line gown is another option as it neatly proportions and divides. Choosing a dress that offers a natural waist can be much more flattering in comparison to an empire or drop waist selection as the latter can leave one swimming in fabric and leave proportion undefined.

Less poufy and more pronounced

Imagine a delicate blossom surrounded by layers of greenery. It is hard to see the flower through all of the surrounding details. This is a similar analogy for petite brides. They are defined as being shorter than average and often smaller overall. Trying to wear an elaborate crinoline and a cathedral length train is going to be hard to maneuver and will take away from one’s natural beauty.

Illusion of the long torso

Many dresses are designed to elongate the torso area to create a sweeping silhouette. Try on a variety of dress styles and be open-minded about the consultant’s recommendations if a long and lean appearance is being sought.

Linear thinking

Dress styles purposely play tricks on the eyes in order to showcase certain features while making others fade away. If there are bead details, sequins, pleats or embroidery, consider styles that offer these embellishments vertically as opposed to horizontally. Having the detailed portions feature up and down as opposed to across will be more flattering and help create that elongated element.

Glamorous trumpets

This style can instantly add some va-va-voom to your curves while providing a couple of extra inches in torso length. Try one or two on at the bridal salon even if they are not on your list just for some added perspective.

Easy sheath

Some straight cuts can be flattering and simple on any shape. The neckline has a lot to do with how the overall dress cascades.

Diagonal ruching

Ruching is a magical way for a dress to create a waist where one hardly is or to hide some less than flattering proportions. It can transform your torso and either provide or minimize detailing depending on the dress.

Spaghetti straps

Many bustier or heavier brides do not feel supported enough with delicate spaghetti straps. Petite brides, on the other hand, often love this option as it doesn’t overpower their décolletage or hide the sexy curves of their clavicle. Opting for wider straps can create a negative optical illusion of having larger arms or shoulders than is true. This can make the upper body look out of proportion to a tiny waist. Try on a few different strap styles to see what feels the best and will offer the most support when you are busting a groove on the dance floor.

Strapless and halter styles

Strapless gowns can accentuate and elongate the neck portion in an elegant manner. Halter styles can create a sophisticated look and immediately showcase the proportion divisions for those who wish for more definition. It is best to try a couple of each style of dress on to determine which elements you prefer.

All of these dress styles and more can be found at New York Bride & Groom, the premier wedding dress shop in Charlotte and beyond. Stop by at your convenience (no appointment needed) and let our bridal consultants show you some stunning examples of your favorite silhouettes from our vast selection.

Tips for achieving the perfect tuxedo fit

It’s time to let your inner James Bond come to life. Get ready to learn the basics for achieving a suave and sophisticated tuxedo look for your wedding day. Everyone will be looking at the bride, of course, but they’ll also be sizing up the handsome guy she is committing to. Make sure you look like the perfect match by applying the following tips for fitting your rental tuxedo perfectly.

Various tuxedo styles

There are a variety of cuts and details that make a suit hang perfectly. Know your body type and dress accordingly. If you have a broad chest and large arms, your jacket needs to accommodate you comfortably. If you possess a sleeker build, you don’t want to be swimming in excess material like a boy playing dress-up in dad’s clothes.

Traditional fit tux

This type of suit consists of a classic and fuller look. It is best to try on a variety of jackets to see what you and your fiance prefer.

Modern fit tux

This style features a shorter jacket, a slimmer lapel and it is more fitted through the body. This is considered to be a fashion forward choice that provides a sleek silhouette.

Slim Fit Tux

This style has the shortest jacket and slimmest lapels. It is narrow on the body, even more than a modern cut.


Your hem

Ideally, your pants should settle across the top of your laces when standing.

Your jacket

Regardless of which style you choose, the vent should not pull open when you move your arms. If it does, this means your jacket is a tad too tight. Use three-way mirrors or get your groomsmen to snap some front and back pictures for you to get an accurate view.

Your collar

You want the collar to lay flat on the sides and back of the neck. Bulges, bunches or gaps means the size is incorrect. Comfort is key. Decide if you will be unbuttoning your shirt late into the night or find an option that you can wear formally for the evening.

Your sleeves

Jacket sleeves are to be hemmed at your wrist bone to enable a half inch of your shirt to be visible. This will also let you show off your awesome customized cufflinks.

Your pants

If a slimming look appeals to you, avoid pleated pants. Flat-front pants are the way to go to avoid excess material around your middle.

Your shoulders

You want your jacket to give your shoulders a perfect hug. If the shoulder pads extend past your deltoids, your jacket is too large.

Your socks

Showcase your fun side and consider wearing some flashy socks with your tux. This can be reserved for just you or all the guys in your party can join in.

Having some idea of how you want to be immortalized in your wedding pictures may help you with the decision-making process. Bring some of your guy friends to your fitting so you can get some honest opinions and helpful feedback as you try on various looks. If you need to sleep on it prior to making a decision, it’s ok.

New York Bride & Groom should definitely be on your tuxedo rental radar. We offer a separate dedicated department for the guys to browse and try on designer suits from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and more. Plus, when five tuxes are rented you get a sixth at no cost. So, bring your groomsmen along and save yourself a little money and have fun.

What should I bring to my dress fitting?

This saves you the hassle of transporting your dress all over town. Plus, the shop’s alterations specialist will be familiar with your dress designer and in a better position to match whatever work you have done with the look of the original design. This makes using the in-house seamstress a huge asset for achieving your dream look. Before you head out for your fitting appointment, let’s make a list of the items you need to bring to ensure ultimate success.

Share the moment

Bringing your mom or your sister or the maid-of-honor (or all of them) can be a fun and sentimental experience. If you sense that anyone is feeling slighted by not being asked along, kindly explain that space is limited and promise to show them pictures. On the other hand, if you really do want your entire entourage present, check with the bridal salon first to ensure that there is adequate room. Ideally, whoever is going to be responsible for bustling your dress on the big day should be present to learn all the tricks.

Bring your shoes

Whether you will be floating down the aisle in cowboy boots, running shoes, stilettos or flats, your footwear is an integral part of determining your hemline. You need to try your dress on with your shoes so that appropriate measurements can be taken and adjustments can be made. Tripping during your ceremony or at the reception is probably not the kind of memorable moment you are going for. If you do not have your actual shoes in hand, wear a pair that is the same heel height for accurate measuring. Remind your bridesmaids to bring their shoes to their fittings as well.

Lingerie and all foundation garments

Trying on your dress with everything you will be wearing on your big day is essential to securing your seamless silhouette. You want to ensure that all of your alterations fit snugly with your bra, panties, shape-wear, pantyhose etc. Enhance the way your dress fits by choosing the proper foundation garments.

Your bridal consultant will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have and possibly make recommendations. Some bridal salons incorporate these essentials into their shops. So, you may have the chance to try on a variety of styles before you purchase to ensure you are getting the right fit and comfort.

Payment for alterations

Your fitting is the time to address any concerns or uncomfortable areas with your dress and accessories. Be sure to bring your wallet so that you can take care of your alterations or purchase any last minute accessories.

Jewelry, headpiece, veil

Bring your veil, headpiece and bridal jewelry with you to try on with your gown. Leaving your wedding accessories until the last minute may cause you to make a hasty decision. This is a chance to photograph yourself head-to-toe ahead of time to determine if you are achieving the style you are striving for.


Since you’re taking all of these pictures, don’t forget the camera. The pics will be good to have for reference material if you need to continue working on your look while the dress is being altered. Add the photos to your wedding scrapbook afterward.

Patience and laughter

Laughter has been proven to be a great stress buster. Have fun at your dress fitting. This is the time to celebrate another milestone. Be patient with your dress consultants, the alterations crew and whoever you brought for moral support. Mostly, be patient with yourself. Focus on the things in the mirror that you love and make a plan to tackle any areas that you wish to improve. Set attainable goals and go with the flow. Your wedding day will be here before you know it. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.

There are real differences between bridal salons

There are three types of bridal salons: Couture (high-end boutiques), Big Box (chain stores such as David’s Bridal) and Popular Price Point (like New York Bride & Groom).

Did you know that New York Bride Charlotte started as a couture bridal salon? We were first located in the Specialty Shops in Southpark and then in Southend at Atherton Lofts. We carried dresses from some of the most celebrated and recognized designers in the world. But as Charlotte continued to grow and evolve, the need for an outstanding middle-tier store like our Syracuse location was also increasing.  We recognized this void in the market and knew that we could offer our couture experience to a popular price point bride. We made it our mission to provide brides with gorgeous dress options…without the hefty price tag.

Couture stores see customers by appointment only and they provide a very personalized service — but it comes at a hefty price. Wedding dresses from these designers range anywhere from $3,000 at the lowest end to $10,000 or more. When purchasing couture, you are paying for the label, the quality, the high fashion design and a dress that is made in the U.S. or Europe. (There are some “designers” who claim to be couture, yet their gowns are made in China…we’ll have that conversation at a later time).

Historically, big box stores were known as the “off the rack” type of bridal stores with their own exclusive designers. Things have changed. The price points are higher than ever! Of course you can always find at dress for $99? So I hear? Of course I have never purchased anything from a big box store but, I hear from good sources that it’s just an OK experience…at best.

So you have Couture and Big Box stores on both ends of the spectrum. So what do Popular Price Point stores offer you? We offer the best of both worlds. We give you access to the best designers in the bridal industry at an affordable price while providing great customer service.

New York Bride & Groom is a family business that treats everyone like they are part of the family. You don’t have the pressure of a consultant who is working toward a paycheck while advising you as you make the decision of choosing a dress for your wedding. We have a team of consultants who know the inventory and know what looks great on you, your body type and your personal style. Most importantly, they are happy to help!

Our large selection is open and available for the bride to shop as she wishes. The tags are clear and concise with no hidden information. Our designers are the leaders in their industries. Mori Lee, Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero, Stella York, Essense of Australia, W-too, Kenneth Winston, and Allure Bridals are all designers who provide you with the couture look without the couture price. Our selection ranges from $675 to $2,900, with an average price point between $1,200 to $1,500.

We also have a sample sale dress department that is priced unbelievably low ($199 to $500) and the gowns are available “ready to wear” right off the rack. Our dresses are hand selected from bridal markets across the country (a big fashion show of wedding dresses, so fun!) by our most seasoned consultants. The NYB&G consultants know what brides want and they deliver it.

At New York Bride & Groom we get you! We know that you need quality, forward design and affordability! The reality is that you don’t need to spend $5,000 on a wedding dress to look absolutely fabulous. Let us help you set the tone for a lifetime of memories and happiness. You get to marry your prince charming; the dress is just the icing on the cake!

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